Music Bingo Madness

Love is in the air! The online Music Bingo Madness will be back on February 12 at 9:00 PM and entirely in the theme VALENTINE'S DAY! This time together with our great lovers from Bokaal and Jack Daniels. And that certainly requires matching prices!


A fun twist on traditional BINGO that allows guests to jam to guilty pleasures and have a chance to win some really cool prizes!


1x Jar 1/5 meter of beer


1 x Bowl 2 special beer & combo


1x Jar 2 tap beer & snacks


2x White Monkey merchandise package


1x Jordy personal trainer for 2 people


1x The Bellhop Hotel overnight stay for 2 people


1x King Kong Hostel overnight stay for 2 persons


1x Bruno Roommate Hotel overnight stay for 2 persons


2x Pathé voucher


2x Oedipus beer package


1x The Harbor Club voucher worth € 50


1x Bobby's Dry Gin prize package


1x Alibi Rum prize package


1x Brewed by Women package


- 5x Valentine beers

- Brewed by Women's sweater in red

- Brewed by Women Glass

- Blossom Blond necklace

- Brewed by Women organic tote bag

and lots of love;)